Insight Associates provide outsourced accounting and Finance Director services to ambitious and growing businesses. We work as your only resource or with existing staff to give you complete financial support including monthly management accounts, high level financial advice, robust controls and financial systems, funding and business planning, payroll & compliance, VAT returns and statutory compliance.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shiny new offices ...

After over three months of sharing our limited space with builders, decorators, electricians, plumbers and who knows who else last we have our shiny new offices completed!

Insight Associates have been based on the old Maltings now known as Riverside Business Park in Stansted Mountfitchet (near London's Stansted Airport) for nearly 10 years. At the end of last year we were fortunate enough to be able to acquire the unit next to ours, and have just completed the extensive work to convert the two units into one and completely redecorate and refurbish the whole area.

The end result is stunning and such a great improvement on how we were before - rather cramped up in too little space.

So now ...we are ready for even more expansion! After a 40% growth last year - the challenge is to keep going!!

A little about our thinking ....

Is your business thriving and growing faster than you can manage it? Or perhaps your business is struggling and you are concerned about what the future may hold?

Either way, one crucial thing you need to know is what your exact financial exposure is? It is critical at this stage of your businesses development not to let the finances get out of control. This is exactly where Insight Associates are best placed to help.

There are plenty of good accountants already providing adequate services to businesses but The Outsourced Finance Department that Insight Associates provides takes the whole of your company's financial management and drives it to a completely different level.

Our unique style of working within your business hand in hand with you and your staff on a daily basis means we can gain an immediate Insight to the peculiarities of your individual business needs. This enables us to develop a strong, accurate and forward thinking financial strategy for your business.

Our in-house Finance Director skill set (including quality management information, interpretation and analysis, strategic development, stakeholder relationships etc) blends perfectly with our Transactional skill set (book-keeping, accounting, payroll, VAT returns, credit control, daily cash flow management etc) to create an efficient, knowledgeable, dedicated and focused Finance Department – all working for you – at roughly the same price you would pay for your present solution.

Getting sound financial management shouldn't be a lottery and with The Outsourced Finance Department taking care of this for your business you won’t be gambling with your company's finances.

Insight Associates has been established since 1992 so we have a proven track record in this field.

If you would like some further information about what we do feel free to browse through our website at your leisure.

A whole new world ....

Well here we are ....the first posting on the all new Insight Associates Blog!

The aim of this Blog is to provide comment and views, and maybe even some discussion!, on matters relating to the financial management of smaller enterprises. What do we mean by smaller enterprises? Well typically (although not exclusively) independently owned businesses in the UK between around £500k and £15m turnover? Ones where perhaps they need to or are already employing and paying for resources to looking after their accounting and financial affairs - rather than the owners still doing it on the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon!

This whole area is critical to business success, so I hope that over future posts we can provide some interesting commentary on how financial management impacts businesses.

Keep watching!

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